29/04 Finally back on track after computer fatality

IT’S ALIVE!  After all this time I finally have a computer back up and running to work with!  This past couple of weeks I have gone crazy without being able to do any work on my tracks.  On the bright side I have had time to reflect on my previous releases and am going to spend a bit of time working on the mixes as I have found a few bugs when listening to the tracks on different systems.  The monitors I am using for mixing a quite ‘coloured’ and give a false impression of the music making it sound better than the mix truly is.  So look forward to seeing V2.0 of my released tracks in the near future. It’s time to get tweaking!

Tonight there is an album launch for a local Aussie Hip Hop artist so I am going to head out to check out the new tracks and the TNV scene.  Looking forward to seeing what else NQ has to offer.