11/11 Update Aussie Kiss CD release

Oh it feels good to get back into the beats again!  Seems like forever since I have sat in front of my rig!  Been slacking off pretty hardcore lately, but I had the wicked excuse of heading down to the Goldy to MC my mate’s wedding!  We tore it up on the buck’s night and tore a hole in my wallet too!  Probably a good thing, now I have no money and no excuse but to sit at home and crank out some beats.

I am in the process of finding a good CD mastering firm to put that final touch on my tracks for the “Aussie Kiss” mixtape.  I am also using my time to tidy up things I have missed on the tracks, filling in that awful space around some of the tracks and basically tightening the screws.  There is even 3 tracks I am going to redo the vocals on now that my throat is better (I must have pickled it).

So stay sexy and stay tuned, I will have that New New to you soon!