19/12 MASTERING / memories

I have decided to go with Andrew Gaul for the mastering of my “Aussie Kiss” mixtape.  He has sent back a real nice sample of one of the tracks so I am going to push ahead!  This is one of the final steps in getting a CD made and shipped and hopefully it will all be finished by early 2012!

It’s about this stage of the process that I have started tolook back and to realise what a long journey this mixtape has been.  Some of these tracks I have had 80% complete since 2009!  Actually it is pretty embarrassing how long it has taken.  Then again, it is tough trying to get everything up and running in between working shift work and trying to maintain some sort of normality in day to day life.  I feel the process has revealed a lot about my character to myself – including the difficulty of self-motivation  and striving at something all on your own.  This has been the biggest hurdle as my entire life I have worked within a team whether it be in sports or a work environment.  Over the past few years I have gained so much knowledge and have been forced to overcome so many obstacles that I never would have dreamt of even facing.  It is only now that I realise that I am still at the foot of a huge mountain and still have a long way to go until I reach my goals.  But I know I just need to ensure I am facing the right direction, take it step by step and in good time I will reach the summit.

Oh well, back to the decks and lessons learned will ensure that the next mixtape will not take nearly so long and I still have a few tricks up my sleeve to get you crankin’!