06/03 STALL STALL STALL, random thoughts, exciting times

Okay, so just like that another month goes by.  I have had a bit of disappointment and a lot of hassle since my last post trying to get my CD’s made up.  Hopefully this time round things goes smoother but I am still not able to give a certain date of when I can get these things to ya!

It hasn’t all been a bludge though!  In the past month I have been doing research on new techniques and have been listening to heaps of different music to try and learn some new skills and ideas.  I am still working on a few new tracks and keep finding new ways to improve them and get them closer to having that full/glossy sound I am striving for.

I just had a thought as I am writing this, maybe I can use this blog to post articles and information about the things I am and have been learning so as to create a sort of knowledge base for noobs.  I know I wish I had found a good one when I was first kicking off.  Okay, it’s extra effort but I will do it… for the kids.

I have been starting to write a video clip for my song “Hardly a Ten”.  I think the thing basically writes itself.  It might even give me a chance to give the track another little ‘tune up’.  I can hear you asking “How many times do you want to go back and change these tracks?”.  The answer is – I don’t know.  Every time you learn something new, you hear something different and sometimes that thing is not quite right.  Many times I let it go, but sometimes you must change it just to satisfy yourself, just to stop that cringe any time you hear that song.

Okay, enough jabbering for now.  Back to work.