17/04 CD in hands, Great SUPPORT, Next STEP

After all this time it is finally here! The physical copies of my Aussie Kiss mixtape arrived earlier this week after painful and seemingly endless delays. I can’t describe the feeling I have at the moment, there is a sense of achievement, of completion. I want to believe that I have finally put all the hard work to rest for a bit and can enjoy some quiet and restful time. Well no, not going to happen. I have got to spruik this bad boy till my voice is hoarse!

I am quite proud of this release and have learned a lot along the way. There is a great advantage in going out and completing all of the steps required to write, produce and distribute an audio release all on my own. I feel that in the future when I have a bit of spare cash to involve other people in the production process that I have at least some knowledge and experience in what they are doing and won’t (or at least shouldn’t) get taken for a ride.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my friends, family and fans for their overwhelming support since the release. Even people I haven’t seen or heard from for years have come out of the woodwork and have my back! Thanks again as the process of making an album on your lonesome can become quite tedious work. Despite this I am back in the saddle! I am currently working on a few beats that will get you jumping, make you laugh, and some that will make you a moody f_ck – but it’s all good, and hopefully getting better.

PS Need to hook up some collabo stuff, hit me up if you’re keen silvabeats@silvabeats.com