25/02 WHAT’S the GO?! No UPDATES for AGES!

Don’t worry baby, I haven’t forgotten about you!

Life on the music front has been pretty good lately.  I have now signed up for a Cert III Course in Music Technical Production.  I figured I should get something on paper as I have had no formal musical training ever!

I maintain a lot of pride in being an autodidact (from a musical point of view at least!).  I first taught myself how to play drums by listening and playing along to many different styles of music for hours every single day.  Then after a “musical hiatus” for short time I discovered a passion for DAWs and was consumed with wonder when I realised the infinite potential of these type of systems.  Once I became aware I could record and produce from my own home I devoted much of my time to scouring forums and youtube videos to slowly build both my knowledge base and experience.

I feel that now I have got to a level where I need to seek out people in the REAL WORLD with similar interests so we can build and share knowledge.  I am very grateful that this opportunity is available to me and DO NOT and WILL NOT take this for granted.

“As long as you are facing in the right direction all you have to do is just keep on walking” – David Brent.

PS I am still working on some BANGIN BEATS in the meantime.  I wanna make sure I POP some SUBS with the new stuff!