11/09 New Video – Compare Audio Production Stages

Check out my new video on comparing the different stages of audio production.  This is the first instalment of the new Music Production and Tutorials YouTube playlist I have created.  Please enjoy.


Track: Ambalanz/silvabeats – From This

Mixing and Mastering by silvabeats

This video shows the different production stages of audio processing. Listen carefully and you will hear that the first section shows the raw audio supplied, the second section shows the audio once all the tracks have been mixed, and the final section shows when the audio has been mixed and mastered.

You will notice once the audio tracks have been mixed that it sounds much wider, more full, and there is a better balance between each instrument and vocal. Also the audio for each channel has been processed to make it sound better within the context of all the other sounds.

In the mastered section you will hear the same balance of instruments and vocals as the mixed version but it has been brought up to a louder, more commercial level.